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Report on food shack Company subsistence and Supply

Food Shack Company subsistence and Supply was founded in 01/07/1434 H, and a record trade number 970813652healthy-food-629×3664031076703 and issued on 01/07/1434 AH, so the fruit of a joint collaboration between the group of distinguished partners and those with experience and competence in the field of subsistence was the birth of subsistence Company limited liability and translate actual expertise and capabilities in the area of ​​subsistence and Supply.

Although the company born of the year 1434 AH, they entered strongly in the best companies race for survival, the company has sought to contract with the number of pilgrims from within companies authorized to do so and that her name and her history in this area.

The company did not only companies pilgrims inside but sought the company has contracted with a number of benefactors who want to distribute alms Holy Places, and reached the number of meals (100,000 meals), it was distributed to pilgrims in the year 1434 AH season.

As the biggest concern for the company, which represents one of the main objectives is to reach to provide the highest service to the pilgrims, it has established all it takes to get to the complete satisfaction to our valued Haggagna through joint cooperation concluded a set of contracts with a number of outstanding companies and proven effectiveness and possession of a kitchen equipped to the highest standards, restaurants and cafeterias on, as well. We have to secure the survival of office, and this indicates that it shows our considerable experience in the field of subsistence.

And accept the Hajj season and began the hard work, Vusbandh the company’s difficulties and obstacles that stood in its way firmly and determination, and the majority of those obstacles caused by the shortage of labor which was granted to us, did the company get a work visa seasonal, making the company pay for the use of labor from the inside, for the betterment service to a higher level, has been achieved, the implementation of the required meals and contracts retardants. The company has sought to abide by the agreements that it has been in the best form by customers.

The company serves the pilgrims student so please God Almighty, pursuant to the Almighty, saying, “Anyone who wants the afterlife and sought her quest is a believer Those were their quest graciously” great truth of God.

God’s calling to always help us to serve the pilgrims of his home Grand ,,,, food shack Company subsistence and Supply Sheikh Abdullah Saeed yen Aziz

Bin Aziz Al ration

Pledges Catering cooked and non-cooked and the opening of restaurants and commercial kitchens and government agencies and contracts, management and maintenance and cleanliness of government and private buildings and government and private hospitals and slaughter houses, commercial centers and airports.

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