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Domestic and foreign tourism

Domestic and foreign tourism

Activity will soon start organizing internal and external tour order of God

Tourist areas of the company Aziz bin Tourism

Religious tourism:

Soon Hajj and Umrah.


Medical Tourism :

1 -alaj Aromateod rheumatism, arthritis and roughness disease

Knee in the oasis of Siwa in Egypt through warm sand burial.

2 -zraah hair Turkey.

3 -alalaj natural state of the Czech Republic.

4-treatment state of India.

Leisure tourism:

First, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1 -rahlat marine and diving trips in Jeddah.

2 wild -rahlat Jeddah and Taif.

3 cultural -rahlat visit historical places such as the Kingdom of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina and factory Kaaba of Mecca and Museum and the Palace of the historic El Taif.

4 -rahlat adventures Taif cable car ride.

Second, outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

: The organization of leisure trips to most countries of the world.

Educational tourism

Organized tours in educational international universities and institutes like.

1-Global Village Vancouver, Canada Institute.

2-Pacific Institute of Intensive English Programs and is extensive in Canada.

3. Experience Angelh Institute of America.

4-Open Haaretz not Ngog American Academy.

5-University Nuitin Jeham Britain.


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