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The beginning:

The establishment of Issra Company, which operates in the field of Pilgrims from Inside for the past 15 years, has built a broad and long-standing reputation among competitors in this field with the continued development of the Company’s assets, teamwork and style of operation to access to their performance and efficiency summit.

Because the company’s goal:

From the original is the creation of a holding group and influential in the economy and a variety of income sources, as evidenced by the diversity of activity in the Memorandum of Association became an urgent need to regulate access to the target composition of a holding company, especially after the start of the revitalization of financial and security services, and import and export trade sector and the beginning of these activities in 2015. Thus it was adjusted to the company’s main holding company to contain the diversity of activities and confirm the acquisition of all of the full range or by companies in some of the few companies, and this acquisition entirely upon God willing.

It began development:

Through opening of sister companies in different sectors other than the religious tourism sector

As the following Companies established:
Bin Aziz Contracting Company in 2002 as a main Company, which included other branches of different activities such as (Ben Aziz Motor Company in 2008 and Bin Aziz rental of heavy equipment Company in 2012, Bin Aziz for public services Company in 2012, Bin Aziz for subsistence and Catering Company in 2013).
With strengthening the nutrition sector and subsistence creates Neama Altayba Company in 2011. Anaasy in 2010 and the acquisition of other Companies in the sector for the consolidation of the two companies Abraj Al-Taam and AlKokh Al-Gethae in 2013, also Bin Aziz Company for wholesale and retail trade of food was set up, for import and export in 2015, Bin Aziz Security guards Company and Bin Aziz Transport Company (the Holy City Taxi). With the addition of a global Company for Financial Services and Banking (Under Construction).

Our vision:

Bin Aziz Holding Company implemented its investment strategy to invest in different markets and sectors based on scientific methods and careful analysis of the dynamics of local, regional and global market. We have in-depth understanding of the most promising sectors in the various investment opportunities,

Focus on the fundamental growth and value-added sectors

Bin Aziz Holding Company recorded a historical scored through its focus on growth in sectors, which can add value. Often these sectors are for Real Estate, Hotels, Contracting, Religious Tourism, Nutrition & Subsistence, Transport, Public Services, Financial Banking Services and Import & Export.