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Bin Aziz Contracting was established in 1423H to contribute to the movement of the economy in the country and its development through the implementation of construction projects in various governmental and private sectors, where the implementation of Bin Aziz Trading and Contracting several projects serving housing.
This was achieved through the development of the strategic plan which aims to improve the level of service delivery in the field of construction and has already succeeded in achieving the objectives of that plan and it was through the provision of qualified personnel to work that contributed to and contribute to the achievement of its objectives and help overcome its competitors and overcome obstacles and reach the vision desired.
We believe in the importance of the role played by human resources in achieving its objectives. It has been keen to recruit skilled manpower and attract the skills and expertise so that it has been able to form integrated technical and administrative teams at a high level of training and efficiency and started implementing its projects with high efforts and exceeding expectations in a short time. Thus gaining the trust and satisfaction of its customers in the implementation of fieldwork and administrative work.
Bin Aziz also sought to settle the technical and administrative posts that conform to the regulations and instructions of the country and the Labor and Labor Office and achieve the required Saudization rate. He is currently aspiring to increase the Saudization rate by the end of 2016.
The Group recognizes the competition in the contracting market and the importance of excellence in providing high quality services that meet customer needs and fulfill their desires for the company’s success and growth.
Chairman of the Board Sheikh Abdullah Saeed bin Aziz
In recent years Saudi Arabia has witnessed a major boom in the construction and reconstruction of public buildings and buildings
Thanks to the scientific progress in the field of engineering and construction, which is based on a group of the most efficient engineers and experts, they are entrusted with the implementation of the group of Bin Aziz Holding is highly experienced in this field, and Saudi Arabia has the largest market for contracting in the Middle East.
Report on Bin Aziz Group for Trading and Contracting
Bin Aziz Group for Trading and Contracting Limited (limited liability company) registered in the commercial register of the city of Makkah, number: 4031042807 on 27/05 / 1423H and based in Makkah Al-Maisam District General street ..
The company works in general contracting for residential, educational, recreational, governmental, civil and commercial buildings, contracting infrastructure projects, developing and rehabilitating buildings, contracting roads and tunnels works, buying land and building buildings thereon, investing these buildings in selling and leasing for the company, managing and developing real estate, management, operation, maintenance and cleanliness of amusement parks, It is also engaged in the provision of cooked and uncooked rations, heavy equipment and general services.

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