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للحج والعمرة LAST

Bin Aziz Hajj and Umrah has a prominent activity in the services of pilgrims inside, it is one of the best companies pilgrims inside the Kingdom and one of the first companies working in this area because of the experience of more than fifteen years, which distinguish between companies to provide the finest services to pilgrims, Among the top ten companies under the service of pilgrims inside

It is also distinguished by bin Aziz for Hajj and Umrah by choosing the best sites near the holy sites in Mecca, whether in the poetry of Mona or Arafa, and always seeks to arrange its work in terms of arranging buses pilgrims for the map of the passage of the holy capital and to maintain the cleanliness of the environment, Allah is haraam according to what the Holy Quran says and according to what we have followed from our master Muhammad peace be upon him.

Ben Aziz was also honored for Hajj and Umrah service by a number of ministers of Arab and African countries and a number of pilgrims from the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Islamic Bank.

In addition, Bin Aziz Hajj and Umrah offers services and VIP grades for pilgrims inside and is keen to provide the best and best services to the pilgrims. We always strive to develop the concept of service provided to pilgrims.

Bin Aziz holds Hajj and Umrah fixed assets worth more than 6 million riyals.

Including the number of 2 cars, including 8 golf cars to transport the elderly pilgrims, including 10 tents (madaad) property, which can accommodate about 3500 people, including 8 thousand beds by hand, including 50 air conditioner Dulapfrion, including several integrated kitchen capacity of 4000 people Simultaneously, a TV network, LCD screens and a telephone network.

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